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footballers dove into gambling
Even though players cannot bet on football, it hasn’t stopped footballers gambling on the game. It has even been suggested that bookmakers target them, knowing that they’re paid incredibly well.

Whatever the reason, there are numerous stories of footballers with gambling problems. Newspapers are littered with stories of players begging bookmakers to close their accounts, or stars of the game blowing their multi-million pound fortunes in the casino.

Despite this, it seems that the Football Association are more concerned about match fixing. A ban was placed on all current players and coaches in 2014, which prohibited those involved in the top eight tiers of the game from betting on all football activity.

However, little has been done to help many who already find themselves addicted to betting and many footballers caught gambling have found themselves banned from the sport or on the receiving end of hefty fines.

These are just some of the most high profile betting cases to have hit the sport so far.

Andros Townsend – Tottenham Hotspur Before the young Andros Townsend grabbed the spotlight with a phenomenal 25-yard goal on his first senior appearance for England, he had already made headlines as the first ever Premier League player to break the FA’s new betting rules.

It must have seemed to the 21-year-old that he was destined to fail. Despite making his debut for Tottenham in 2009, aged just 17, he soon found himself being shipped from club to club on loan deals. He made little progress between 2009 and 2013, as he joined up with nine different clubs across England’s lower leagues, making just a handful of appearances for each.

He eventually arrived back at Tottenham in 2013, but what should have been a positive time was soon spoiled by the announcement that he was to be investigated by the FA for breaching betting regulations in http://www.bolapedia.me.

Following the announcement, Townsend was forced to withdraw from England’s under-21s squad for the European Championship. He was made to attend a hearing and accepted the charges, which resulted in a fine of £18,000.

While he wasn’t found guilty of betting on matches that he was involved in, Townsend was still handed a four month ban from the game. Although, three of those months were suspended until 2016, effectively reducing his time out of the game to just a month.

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