Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Setting up Ionic project 00:15:00
Adding Codecanyon files 00:10:00
Configuring App
WPLMS credentials for App 00:05:00
Creating an App ID 00:02:00
Mapping app to your site 00:02:00
Installing necessary packages FREE 00:30:00
Translation and relabelling strings 00:02:00
Testing the app in browser 00:00:00
Full Video Tutorial
Video Tutorial 00:08:00
Publishing App on Google Playstore
Installing Android SDK FREE 00:02:00
Preparing for Production 00:02:00
Signing the App 00:00:00
Creating developer account on Google playstore 00:02:00
Creating Releases and Publishing the App 00:02:00
Publishing to Apple AppStore
Build for xCode 00:05:00
Create an App on AppStore FREE 00:10:00
App Signing 00:15:00
Testing with TestFlight 00:05:00
Updating App 00:02:00
Enabling Wallet in App
Enable wallet in WPLMS 00:10:00
Enable Wallet in App 00:15:00
Wallet functioning video FREE 00:02:00
Enable Live Chat in App
Creating Firebase project FREE 00:02:00
Installing Firebase Packages 00:02:00
Notes & Discussions 00:02:00
Groups & Batches support 00:05:00
Forums Support 00:05:00
Assignments & Attachments. 00:00:00
Enabling Multi-Site or Multi WPLMS setups 00:10:00
Attendance support 00:02:00
Enabling Push Notifications FREE 00:02:00