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How To Delete Your Skype Account


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    Microsoft is one among the highest leading software and app developers. it’s also an excellent competitor to Google. it’s been working harder to supply its users with a top quality service. Microsoft has launched many social media apps and also Windows, most generally used OS world wide. Microsoft has gained popularity due to Windows. Not only Windows it’s also released Microsoft office which may be a package that contains Microsoft Word, Microsoft point , Microsoft Office Picture Manager, etc. But there could be some reason if you would like to Delete Your Skype Account.

    Steps to Delete Your Skype Account:

    Open Skype’s account closure page.

    Sign-in to your account then click on account settings.

    In account settings select close your account.

    You will get a confirmation message click NEXT.

    Then you would like to pick a reason to drop-out and click on OK.

    Then confirm closing your account.

    Your account are going to be closed by performing the above actions. But Skype gives the utmost time of 60 days if the user changes his mind and needs to continue he may sign-in into his Skype account, and his account won’t be closed. But if he’s failing to try to to so then his account could also be closed forever.


    If you Delete Your Skype Account then it might cancel all of your subscriptions, but if you don’t remove the payment options, your account will renew for the 60 days. So you would like to cancel your subscriptions before closing your account. you would like to use all the cash present in your Skype credit balance before closing it as you not be ready to use it after your account is closed permanently.

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    Just Press Ctrl + Alt + Del.. Then your computer will be shutdown..

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