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HP Printer offline


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    Gary Bean

    The printer offline error mostly troubles windows 7/8/10 users, The printers loses connectivity even when it’s connected and operating. The status message displays HP Printer offline on the computer, and the printer does not print. An Offline status indicates that the pc has did not communicate with the printer.



    Lax Smith

    You may encounter a mistake message that tells you “Printer not responding” once you are trying to print something. There is various possible reason for this error, including bad hardware status and configuration, faulty drivers, etc.


    If the error is troubling you, you’ll try the methods below and see if they will assist you to solve the matter. If you encounter a Printer not responding error, the primary thing you ought to do is to see the connection status. confirm your printer is correctly connected to your computer, and therefore the cables or wireless network you employ is normal.


    Additionally, you’ll also try restarting all devices associated with printing jobs. They include your printer, computer, and WiFi router (if your printer uses wireless connection). you ought to shut them down completely, leave them for a short time, then power them on again. then, you’ll print something to ascertain if this fixes the matter. Windows system features a built-in printer troubleshooter which will diagnose your printer issues. you’ll run this tool as to how to assist you to fix the printer not responding error.

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