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Book instructor in WPLMS

Book Instructors in WPLMS. The WPLMS appointments are an appointment plugin built with a Calendar first approach.  Using appointments is much easier when using a calendar as it gives a clear picture of the schedules and timelines. Each calendar is available in Monthly, Weekly, and Daily mode. There is also an additional Agenda mode which displays the bookings in a neat Calendar format.

This plugin is suitable for both online and offline appointment/booking requirements and can be used in multiple variations.

There is a concept of a slot and schedule. A Slot is a single timezone available for booking whereas a schedule is a combination of slots. A user can book an individual slot or a full schedule.

Features :

  1. Instructor Bookings both free and paid.
  2. Course Bookings with schedules and custom pricing options for multiple instructors.
  3. Auto-adjusting calendar based on time zone.
  4. Set single slot booking or full schedule booking.
  5. Multiple-Seats bookings.
  6. Full Instructor control for manually adding bookers and assign to courses.
  7. Schedule type with restrictions: Free slot booking, Schedule only bookings, Reserved, Booked, and Both slot, schedule Available.
  8. Integrated Video conferencing support.
  9. Paid and Free appointments.
  10. All payments via WooCommerce
  11. Re-schedule appointments feature.
  12. Cancel appointments feature.
  13. Enable Video conferencing meetings with custom PDF presentations and notes feature.
  14. Touchpoints messages, notifications, and emails on all trigger points.
  15. Activity recording for all trigger points.
  16. Internal messaging feature using BuddyPress messaging service.




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