WPLMS Chat is a Live Chat module specifically built for for WPLMS. There are several features within the chat which are useful for education purposes. Further more, it is flexible enough to be integrated with custom functionalities available in the theme.





Features :

  1. – Live Chat
  2. – Unlimited Chats.
  3. – Upload attachments within Chat.
  4. – Comprehensive Emoticons and Smileys list.
  5. – Inbuilt Chat notifications and alerts.
  6. – Pre-Sales chat, chat with users who’re not a member of your site yet.
  7. – Course Chat – Course specific chats in the course area.
  8. – Personal Chats – Personal Chat by simply clicking on the user avatar.
  9. – Element Chat – Record chat for just about any element.
  10. – Search for online members in the site.
  11. – Invite members to any chat. No maximum limit.
  12. – Uses Firebase Realtime database for backend.
  13. – Chat Shortcode : Embed chat anywhere using the chat shortcode.
  14. – Exit chat option, to leave chat
  15. – Zipped and minified, can be cached on browsers, almost zero load on servers.
  16. – Color customization options available
  17. – Custom Actions integration [coming soon]
  18. – Integration with WPLMS Student App [coming soon]


This plugin requires a Google Firebase account which acts as a backend. supports upto 100 connections at a time which is sufficient for almost all the sites and with its premium plan 100k simultaneous connections. Check out further details at https://firebase.google.com/pricing/

Direct Purchase link



$29.00 – Add to Cart Excluding 18% tax
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