Reply To: Video Crash at Apps



1. For this video we can open in in-app-browser, just you have to add a page in the backend and i am adding this page in here:

you want to add a new page for playing this video?

that’s why  i am saying to add a page in the wordpress and i can open this page in the in appbrowser.

2.  I saw the menu of chat <b> . Seen members from chat not from our training members . how could this happen ?. Can you help me to solve the problem ?

see how chat works

Basically chat plugin in App
Works with two ways if the user is logged in he can chat with online users
if not logged in then admin will get notified when user fill up the non-logged in form
User can go to my chats  and create a new chat.
Also user can chat with another user ,create new chat , Upload files which is added in chat setting with size restriction , Emoji support ,Image will show after upload

3. I tried the mobile application again, why is there a sound from the video that I played before, even though I open it only on the mobile homepage? only sound without the video appearing.


if you use the iframe shortcode in your app then this can’t be occur.

I am already send you the iframe shortcode.