Reply To: Make the user login in browser when he login in app



Hi Scott, I don’t need the direct access via clicking on the button, though through the iframe embedded within the unit, without having to click on any button. This iframe has a unit content and the unit itself is in setting not accessible to visitors, but only to students.
I have opted to this method to help users play my private vimeo videos. These videos are restricted to my domain and will be not read in a mobile app, despite the app is displaying the website. Thats why I am using an webview from my domain where the video is embeded, and I display it as an iframe in the unit in the app in order to be displayed in the app as a simple iframed webview.
The logged in user in app is still a visitor in the iframe because it displays a webview from the unit, thats why the content of the unit will still be denied and the error message will be instead displayed.
Can you help me to find a workaround so that the logged in app user can see the iframe of the unit embeded in the unit?