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I found the answer, it was in the pre-sale comments. joaotostes 18 days ago Flag Hello there! Pre-sale question. I’m a costumer from WPLMS theme, more than 5 years and now the video course is finally done. I was using the theme just as a website. So, I have everything updated now and the course creation is in progress inside the platform – the video course is done. I’m uploading all my videos to vimeo, and I’m embedding the videos inside the course. It’s working great. In vimeo, my privacy configuration is to play the video only in my domain, so the video is hidden from vimeo and it’s only available to embed inside my domain. So, will this video be available on the app in the same way? Can you do a test? Thank you. joaotostes joaotostes 15 days ago Flag Please remember of me in this question. Time is really important to me at this moment. Thanks. VibeThemes VibeThemes AUTHOR 15 days ago Flag ok, these videos will not play in the app. But we have this customisation available : the App will pull a different video source , so in the website you can show a different video and on app you can show a different video for the same unit in the same course. You can have domain lock for the website video, but for app video you can do not need that lock. Also once the app is finalised, there is no way to check the source and download the video.