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Hello You just submit the request in the app customization topics after selecting steps 1,2 and 3 and then pay $29. You don't have to pay $48.

1. an icon image with size 2732 X 2732

2. a main_logo image of any size

3. a splash image with size 2732 X 2732.

Icon image is the app icon for mobile.


And splash image is the image which shows up while the app is loading in the beginning .you might have seen it on our demo app:

main_logo image has appeared when you click on the home button check this:

All the image should be in the format of png

And For the change in the translation send this string:

Please provide a document or something to change the app intro texts.,

For Payment:  [email protected] After completing the payment also send the transaction id. If you have trouble while uploading the file here then you should send the document through this email id: [email protected]    
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