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    Yehia Abdel Salam


    Its great that the app have offline support, but i have no clue when/how it’s validated. Its got to do with the track api and the modified date for the pages/posts but not sure of the details. For example,

    • when I change the instructor of the course will this trigger an api call change and ill get the updated instructor on the app?
    • if i change the content of the unit, will this update the cache

    It would be great if you elaborate in general on the how the content caching works.



    Nope when you make changes in your site ,there is record is kept for each change you do ,updation of course or unit .

    Then when user opens up the app there is an api call made to server to check which things(units,courses) are updates on site . App code checks for each things and remove the things from offline storage .System then check for it in local data when it does not find it then api call is made to fetch that item again .


    this is how it works .

    For instructor data ,I guess we are not tracking that as of now but for course and units ,yes we,re tracking but for that user need to close the app and open it again .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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