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    Hi there,

    I use Mac and want to start using your app.

    I’ve complete this training it was easy and straightforward

    Now I want to use this training but it has no clarity

    Problem #1

    I don’t understand the first step:

    Is there a step by step guide? What exactly should I do?

    Problem #2

    Since I don’t understand the first step I went to the step 2.

    Again, I don’t understand what does “Open the Ionic folder” mean. Since there is no explanation of what does it mean. Do you have the step by step explanation about how to open the Ionic folder? I just used terminal for that

    Problem #3

    So I started the command

    And see this issue:

    What does it mean?

    Problem #4

    How should I complete the step 1 and 2? I don’t see the instruction as well



    The app is ionic project and to start with we have tried to create a tutorial in easiest way we can .


    1. & 2. & 3. You just need to create a folder anywhere and then in your terminal or command prompt navigate to your folder

    and then enter this command : ionic start wplms tabs

    where wplms is a folder which will be created and inside which app will run .



    If you want to order your customization then you can order it here :

    under this we will make changed into your app and publish on playstore and then on app store too .


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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