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Course Completion after Quiz

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    Nidhin Kishan K

    I have made the setting as Auto Evaluation and Students will get the Certificates and Results immediately upon course completion. The system is working perfectly in the desktop version.

    But if you starting course through Mobile Application… IT will go nicely till Quiz Stage (87.5%). But after that Quiz will show answer immediately. There are 5 Questions in the Quiz…. There is no progress / overall Results upon Completion of the 5th Qn…

    If you are going back to course Curriculum…It will show everything as completed…

    Screenshot:  https://ibb.co/d9Groz


    If you are referring the dashboard…It will show the progress as 87.5% (Quiz is balance)

    Screenshot:  https://ibb.co/iehWoz


    If you are going to the Course Page…It will show START button …Instead of Continue the course

    Screenshot:  https://ibb.co/iVdXve


    If you are opening the same in Computer… It will show the progress as 87.5%

    Screenshot: https://ibb.co/keKY1K


    and if I am Continuing Taking the Quiz …It will show the below message

    Screenshot: https://ibb.co/jKyFFe


    Please help me to enable the course completion through mobile app…



    Hi I have checked this and found to be an issue .

    to fix the issues please provide your valid ftp credentials in private reply .


    Nidhin Kishan K
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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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