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custom customization request

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    hi. i would like to know, can you guys help me in creating a custom wplms app as per my request- apart from the usual 19$ customization.

    1.a home page with square icons ,3 in a row with as many icons we create(like this https://prnt.sc/rglikr) ,we must be able to edit icons and the link in the dashboard
    2. this link must open another page in app where we again add icons or link text to another page in-app or must open a webpage through app browser
    3.if any of the icons or link is linked to the course then that course must open in-app view, not website view
    4.also remove few sidebar/bottom menu


    Scott Lang


    1- We have to create API to show icons but can not edit icon and link. You can change in code the icon name and link.

    2- In-app browser will be added through the link

    3- We can open webview(link)  not app course page.

    4- sidebar can be removed.

    Let me discuss customization charges and let you know.



    ok change of plan (since we cannot change icon name and link)
    1. if you add a new page(s) in-app and replace it with a home page in-app(i can edit the content and link in the WordPress dashboard of this page and it will reflect in the app )-will this option work ??
    2.need to add multiple pages in-app where one is linked to another(approx 10 pages- also wanted to know that if i edit the content of this page in WordPress dashboard will it reflect in-app ??)
    3.need an option or way for me to create a link in WordPress dashboard (pages, post or in unit)where when user click on that link it should redirect to the particular course in the app (i don’t want it to open in web view of the site)
    4.i want the zoom capability on every page of the app when user pinch anywhere it should zoom in and out throughout the app
    5.need fv player to work on the app
    6.when a user is using the app and chooses to buy a course and if it redirects to the website through webview will he still be logged in on webview ??


    Scott Lang


    You can add dynamic icon and click url only you have to change from code which is simple.

    For This we have to create a simple API which fetch url and icons from server and show to 
    your app

    As App(ionic framework) work with API to exchange data between server  and App(apk)

    So as 1,2,3,4 is not possible

    FV-player can be added in unit page and blog post.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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