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Images not show on app android

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    Jorge Olvera

    Hi  I run ionic serve and all show properly, but in app images not show. can you help me ?










     Take backup of all ionic setup then
    rename the node_modules folder in your ionic project (where src folder is) to node_modules_BACKUP and also rename the package.json file to package_BACKUP.json .

    then download the package.json file from here : https://bit.ly/2I2F732

    Then place it in your ionic project .

    Then in terminal of cmd run :

    npm install


    please make sure that you have this line in your config.xml file in root of your ionic project where resources and src folder is .
    <access origin="*" />

    Please also make sure you have installed  these plugins in your ionic setup :

    cordova-plugin-camera 3.0.0 “Camera”

    cordova-plugin-console 1.1.0 “Console”

    cordova-plugin-device 1.1.4 “Device”

    cordova-plugin-facebook4 1.7.4 “Facebook Connect”

    cordova-plugin-file 5.0.0 “File”

    cordova-plugin-file-transfer 1.7.0 “File Transfer”

    cordova-plugin-googleplus 5.1.1 “Google SignIn”

    cordova-plugin-inappbrowser 1.7.2 “InAppBrowser”

    cordova-plugin-inapppurchase 1.1.0 “In App Purchase”

    cordova-plugin-ionic-webview 1.1.16 “cordova-plugin-ionic-webview”

    cordova-plugin-ios-non-exempt-encryption 1.0.0 “ITSAppUsesNonExemptEncryption false”

    cordova-plugin-splashscreen 4.0.3 “Splashscreen”

    cordova-plugin-statusbar 2.3.0 “StatusBar”

    cordova-plugin-whitelist 1.3.1 “Whitelist”

    cordova-sqlite-storage 2.0.4 “Cordova sqlite storage plugin”

    ionic-plugin-keyboard 2.2.1 “Keyboard”

    To install plugin run this command :

    cordova plugin add {cordova_plugin_name}

    eg : cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-file-transfer 


    Jorge Olvera

    I follow all steps but now nothing works.

    and no show errors on compile.





    Jorge Olvera
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    Okay and what about when you run it in browser?

    I guess there is no data coming from server .you need to debug the debug apk file by connecting your mobile .
    refer : https://medium.com/@coderonfleek/debugging-an-ionic-android-app-using-chrome-dev-tools-6e139b79e8d2

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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