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In app unit locking should be activated ASAP


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    Hilman Fajrian
    Unit locking should be mandatory in app to be activated -- meanwhile it's not yet. While unit locking is disabled in app, user can abuse the learning experience system. Learning should be doing in order by curiculum. Student should not jump from one unit to another unit randomly. I have tested my app to hundreds user and that was what they did. Disabling unit locking and open chance for user to jump unit, also raise difficulties for user to finished the course. When a course has (let's say) 50 units, and they jump unit randomly, they missed to finished 1-2 units -- and they think have finished it alll. So they will consult to administrator and administrator will check their course progress -- only to check if it was a bug or they did not finish certain unit. It is pain in the a*s and make the service unscaleable. So I need to know when unit locking will be activated in app.

    Scott Lang
    Hi, In app when user opens an unit it  set that unit complete when they go back and return to course they can check their status of that course.

    Hilman Fajrian
    I have activated unit locking in my app with several coding. It's fine now.

    Rohith V S N
    @Hilman <p style="text-align: left;">Could you please help me achieve the same by guiding me on what changes you made in the app to enable unit locking. It is really pointless to have drip feed on the site and not working on the app.</p> Your help would be highly appreciated.

    Hilman Fajrian
    Hi @Ronith, I am not a programmer. But I have 2 mobile developers that working on WPLMS App since December 2018. My app has been highly tweaked and customized. You may take a look here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arkademi.app Since I am not a programmer and it's not possible for me to share my code because it's my company proprietary, I can't give you programming guide. But here is non-programming guide I can give you. In app unit locking is not activated yet because WPLMS has not made the API for it yet. If you want your app to works just like your web does -- especially unit locking -- you need to make your own API and put it on Vibe Course Module plugin. It will be a hard work and have risk that it might have conflict in existing system. So the fastest solution is make tweak in app and make it app default. Then it has nothing to do with unit locking setting in web. The step is make unit in curriculum unclickable. Only unit that has declared as 'finished' is clickable. The next unit after 'finished unit' is also clickable. This setting is applied to all course in app. The same unit locking setup is also applied on web. Because it is pointless not to learning in sequence. You may see my app curriculum on the picture (refer: https://prnt.sc/npm2de). The green units are finished units and clickable. User can't click the red units excepet the unit next to green unit. To achieve this you need to have ionic programming skill or mobile developer team. To note: drip feed is another setting on web and it would be more complex to be applied in app without API. My course does not have drip feed course so I don't have any app settings related to this. Good luck.

    Rohith V S N
    Thanks a lot for the advice. I really the appreciate help.
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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