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Live Chat, New Content & performance issue in mobile app

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    Akshay Jangra
    This app is not ready to launch on production. I am not mentioning anything out of the scope of this project. It have a lot of issue that will screw your business. I tried every thing, followed the author (Vibe Themes). Also hired developers, still face the following problems : 1. When I add a new unit from website, it does not show on the mobile application many times. User have to logout and login the application again. Sometime it also does not work. If you have 500 users, this is not possible to say all users to logout and login app every time to see the content. 2. The application speed is slow which irritates user. Sometime when you try to login, nothing happen. Sometime it does not show any or half content on home or profile screen. 3. The password wont work many times. Say you enter correct details and logged in now. When you try to logout and login after 2 weeks, it shows incorrect login password or wrong password.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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