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    How to change the visibility of my name in Base to be only for me and not indexed by google.Its urgent please help.


    Ragab Salem
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    You can add rules on your robots.txt file as mentioned here to do that :



    Hi @Guru

    Since you might have done some seo of your site . there is file that controls the search bots on site called robots.txt .

    Please login via ftp or cpanel file manager .

    in root of your site where wp-content or wp-admin folder is you might find  a robots.txt file ,you need to add the lines in this link to that file in the end .

    if there isn’t any such file then please create one and add those lines .


    refer :



    if you are talking about here on our forums on want to implement this on your site .

    To do that simply goto wp-admin -> wplms -> buddypress -> ” All Members directory View

    ” -> teachers only .


    wplms -> buddypress -> ” Single Member Profile View

    ” -> teachers only .


    this will also control the profile indexing to search results .

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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