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Query about CUSTOMIZATION Form


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    Miko Oriel

    What do these customizations do?(Screenshot)



    If I order a customization

    1. Are you going to make the app for me?

    2. What if I personally want to customize the logo and icon myself?

    3. What if I just want to get the app only? The Complete running app without any issue which is configured with my site.

    4. How much time do you need to deliver my order?

    5. I want to upload the app right away after getting my app from you, is it possible? Like would I need any further customizations if I order basic customization?

    6. What happens when I add a new course to my site after uploading the app to my site? Does the app synchronize automatically?

    7. Please please please explain all the customization fields(all customization options) so that I can understand which I need and which I don’t.

    8. Is the main app same to the demo?

    9. For app menu, does it automatically synchronize to the main site menu?



    1 .Yes

    2. We will not generate any logo icon and splash image  .These will be provided by you .

    3. sorry I was not able to get you on this ?

    4. Depends on your customizations . If there are not much then it might take 2-3 days .

    5. Yes we are providing this also ,for that you would need to share your google developer and apple developer account details .

    6. Yes app and site data will be synced  .

    7. Those are just estimation .Actual customization cost will be dependent on your requirements .
    Try the app first and then mention your requirements.
    Playstore link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vibethemes.wplms

    8 . Yes .

    9. No app menu is different than site menu .



    7. Can you create demo for iOS?



    We are developing in app purchase feature for Ios .Only then we will publish demo for Ios .This is because Apple does not allow to sell anything without its in app purchase .

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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