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The choice of videangular


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    Yehia Abdel Salam
    Hello, I was just wondering on the choice of using videoangular for displaying the videos on ios and android devices, why the native video tag with its controls wouldnt cut it and you guys have to show it using this plugin. For reference: div *ngIf="item.type == 'unit' && item.meta.video" style="direction: ltr;"> vg-player (onPlayerReady)="onPlayerReady($event)" *ngFor="let video of item.meta.video" vg-responsive="true"> vg-controls [vgFor]="my-video" [vgAutohide]="true" [vgAutohideTime]="5"> vg-play-pause [vgFor]="my-video">vg-play-pause> vg-playback-button>vg-playback-button> vg-time-display [vgFor]="my-video" vgProperty="current" vgFormat="mm:ss">vg-time-display> vg-scrub-bar [vgFor]="my-video"> vg-scrub-bar-current-time>vg-scrub-bar-current-time> vg-scrub-bar> vg-volume [vgFor]="my-video">vg-volume> vg-fullscreen>vg-fullscreen> vg-overlay-play>vg-overlay-play> vg-controls> video #myMedia [vgMedia]="myMedia" id="my-video" [src]="video" type="video/mp4" [poster]="get_thumbnail(video, item.meta.video_thumbnails)" > video> vg-player> div> </div>

    Well we have used it keeping these things in mind : 1. CUE POINTS Videogular haves a cue point system to bind properties and trigger functions based on virtual timelines. 2. We can customize the whole player .play pause videos on action of something .
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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