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Total App Creation From Scratch

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    Hi there,
    I am Ronak Karia from Skillyogi.com
    I have a query for the customization team for wplms app.

    I have no experience in android development or the ionic framework, when I bought the app I didn’t realized that. But now I need to create the entire app. I want you to tell me how much will you guys charge me to create the entire app
    (including every single detail I mention to you)

    That includes facebook login, google login
    Both android and ios apps
    Complete customization including some custom pages or sections in the app
    Payment gateway integration so users can purchase the courses through the app itself.

    The above mentioned details are some of the important things I need. Please tell me how much will it cost me for you to customize the app entirely.

    Please connect with me to my email address: – [email protected]

    One last query,
    When you hand over the customized app to me, that means we own the app entirely and not you? Am I right?

    Hope I am clear to you. Please let me know this ASAP 🙂
    Thank You



    Will anyone reply me at all???




    The basic customization cost will $19 but if you want google and Facebook as well then you have to pay $10 extra

    Means total $29.

    And 1st we will develop the debug app.

    Debug app: this app is only for the testing purpose you can’t publish debug app to google play console.

    If all the customization has been done then we will going forward to finalize the app.

    And please create a topics here https://wplms.io/forums/forum/app-customisation/




    I think I wasnt clear.
    I want you to customize the entire app for me and not just any login and all.
    But changing all the images and texts, menu, creating custom pages, and creating different products for our membership levels



    How will the same source code work for Android as well as iOS???
    Is that even possible?


    Scott Lang


    We do only basic customization where we configure your facebook, google login, translation,contact and some styling.

    We are using ionic framework, refer this : https://ionicframework.com/


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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