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    Jorge Olvera

    Hi,  I have customized several sections of the app,   How does the recent update affect me?









    Well as you know this is ionic project and its not theme which has provisions to update them .
    Changes are directly needed to be done in core files in app .

    You need to use a diff tool like (kaledioscopde for mac or winmerge for windows ) or subversion control like github or something to  track the changes in your and our  files .
    PS: we use github to keep track of it and pull the changes done .
    So you have to create two branches names wplms_app_updated and wplms_app_mine .
    Switch to ” wplms_app_updated  ” then download latest source code and update this branch with it while wplms_app_mine  branch will hold your current changes .

    Then you can switch to wplms_app_mine branch and can pull changes from wplms_app_updated  branch .


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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