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Using iframevideo shortcode with other shortcodes

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    Hi, I am using Youtube and vimeo videos as main content for the website, this works good in Desktop browsers. Unfortunately the automatic embed by wordpress make the videos IN the APP keeping in refreshing without end and without any possibility to see the content of the video or to click on it (the video appears for around 0,2 second then disappears for around 0,4 second and so on). I used the [iframevideo] shortcode. This will resolve the issue partially and make the video appears and play, but this will disable the possiblity to add other shortcodes simultaneousely to get benefit from them. For example the Youtube MyCred shortcode and the Vimeo MyCred shortcode (they add points to the user when watching videos) will not work anymore within the iframevideo shortcode. The Foliovision Pro shortcode that enable a customized player and many other customizations will not work anymore when added between the iframevideo shortcode. Maybe this seems to be complicated but adding a shortcode just to make things supposedly done automatically by wordpress (embedding external videos) will harm and deprive the use of other plugins shortcodes that are selectively picked to add valuable functions to wordpress and the website. Any help or idea so that we do not need the iframevideo shortcode to show and play the video in the app, or at least a workaround to use other shortcodes at the same time ?

    Yes, the problem with Youtube MycRed and Vimeo MycRed is that they're reading events that happen in the browser and taking the current logged in user into consideration. Now, inside the app neither the user is logged in to WordPress, nor the MyCred's script of detecting compeltion event is happening. The only work around would be to detect the event and develop a mycred API endpoint which adds the points to the user's account. It is possible but just too much work for us to add in the app as there are very few users asking for this.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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