Wplms Instructor Memberships

Download link : https://wplms.io/downloads/wplms-instructor-memberships/ this plugin allows you to create and sell memberhship plans for instructors with ability to control the number of courses, quizzes, units , assignments to publish on your website . Basically with these plans you can force instructor pay for the content .   To begin […]

Wplms Wishlist membership addon

FEATURE : Connects the wishlist memberships to courses and provides access based on memberships . Please download and install Wplms wishlist memberships addon plugin  from here . Make sure that you wishlist and wishlist memberships plugin installed and activated before installing wplms wishlist memberships addon . After installing this plugin you […]

Profile cover image missing Fix

Please replace the ” bp-custom.php ” file in your wp-content/themes/wplms/includes folder with the bp-custom.php file given in this bp-custom.zip file : https://bit.ly/2TV98c9  

Plugins and updates page not loading 504 error – FIX

Caution :  this will disable all vibethemes plugin updates . please try adding this given code in your wplms-customizer.php file in wplms customizer plugin : add_action(‘plugins_loaded’,function(){   remove_action( ‘init’, ‘vibe_shortcodes_update’ );   remove_action( ‘init’, ‘vibe_course_module_update’ );   remove_action( ‘init’, ‘vibe_custom_types_update’ );   remove_action( ‘init’, ‘wplms_assignments_update’ );   remove_action( ‘init’, ‘wplms_dashboard_update’ […]

Eventon single event page error FIX

Please replace your single-ajde_events.php file in your wp-content/themes/wplms/eventon folder with the ” single-ajde_events.php ” file you find in this given single-ajde_events.zip file : https://bit.ly/2S8n7KD  

WPLMS Zoom integration

Version 4 Implementation available This addon will integrate Zoom with wplms. download from here : vibe-zoom   Version 3 implementation Features :  1. Create,edit,delete meetings from wp editor 2. Set reminders before meetings,send email notifications before meeting. 3. Meeting privacy 4. Specific meeting start time. 5. Adds meetings tab in […]

Advanced Quiz Statistics in React quizzes

In wplms version 3.9.8 , we have added some more features in our react quizzes which includes advanced statistics for react quizzes. To begin with you just goto to wp-admin -> lms -> settings and enable “Enable Question Advanced Stats”. Once you enable this you can see the stats in […]

Videotube Watermark

Features :  1 . Watermark your wordpress media library videos directly from media library. 2 . Can later encrypt the watermarked videos using our another service : link   How to use :  To start you will need to purchase the encryption quota from Videoencrypt.com which you can purchase here […]