3.9.2 Features : Demo 13 and Demo 14  Course sub sections : link Course unsubcribe for students : link Updated : show guest user login for partial free courses also “make first section free” courses add unit link instead of unit in unit comment email itemscope addec by woocommerce , […]

Sub sections in course

In wplms 3.9.2 ,we have introduced course subsections . This is a built in feature , there is no need to enable any settings for this . Subsections are basically exactly like sections but it will show like parent child relation : To do this you just simply need to […]

Wplms multisite usermeta fix

Plugin download  : link In wordpress multisite there is only single users and usermeta table . The data in usermeta might create issues with multiple site having same course or units ids in their different posts tables . So there are some issues appearing due to this mixing of data […]

auto trigger finish course when user passes quiz

please try adding this given code in your wplms-customizer.php file in wplms customizer plugin : add_action(‘wp_footer’,function ($quiz_id,$marks,$user_id){ ?> <script> function check_quiz_marks(){ var qid = jQuery(‘.course_timeline ul li.active a’).data(‘unit’); jQuery.ajax({ type: “POST”, url: ajaxurl, dataType: ‘json’, data: { action: ‘check_quiz_marks’, security: $(‘#hash’).val(), quiz_id:qid, }, cache: false, success: function (json) { console.log(json); […]


3.9.2 : update log    —————————————————————————–   Vibe customtypes  fixed: category , member carousel showing just 3 items bug fix ———————————————————————————- Wplms dashboard fixed: student dashboard showing js error(infinitely loading) fix —————————————————- 3.9.1 Features : Wplms Pdf Certificates :  link Multicurrency support in pay commissions and dashboard widget […]

Multicurrency Support in commissions

In wplms 3.9.1 ,  We have added full support of multiple currencies from woocommerce in course commissions.   To start with just enable the setting : ” Enable multicurrency support for instructor commissions(from activity table) ”  from wp-admin -> lms -> settings : Important Note : As you can see that […]


3.9 Features : Demo 11 : link Demo 12 (built with elementor) : link New course layout : link New course block course8 : link Updated : add course progress in download stats Auto-expand first accordion in curriculum Certificate Code in Course – Admin – Stats User progress percentage in […]