Updating to 3.2 fatal error on site Fix

Please replace your vc-mapper.php file in your wp-content/plugins/vibe-customtypes/metaboxes/library/vc-mapper folder with the given vc-mapper.php file in vc-mapper.zip file that you can download from here : http://bit.ly/2Bfty4H

Add popup on clicking on course button for non logged in users.

create a popup from wp-admin -> popups -> add new . note down the id of the popup . now come to edit course and add this shortcode in your course description : [popup id=”470″ auto=”0″ classes=”default”][/popup] refer : http://prntscr.com/g94k65 then add this code in your wplms-customizer.php file in wplms customizer […]


Updated : partial marking shows marked answer to be wrong Fixed : pagination in course admin ,members page issue match type questions issue with check answer button


Features : Wplms REST API . Documentation : https://wplms.io/support/article-categories/api-apps/ Partial marking system in quiz in WP admin – LMS – Settings (for multiple fill blank and multiple dropdown select question types ). Updated : Remove instructor display on course status page if disable instructor setting is enabled. Course category navigation widget all […]

Assign groups to users on registration

In wplms 2.9.2 we have added groups assign feature to wplms custom registration forms . In custom registration form you will see a new settings for groups . This select option is divided into two option categories : i. Enable user to select from all groups ii. Select selected groups […]


Features : Member types. tutorial Group types . Tutorial Updated : Join group option in custom registration forms .Tutorial Recaptcha Translation Woocommerce cart page template Eventon sing;e page templates Total unit duration shows 0 if total unit duration is less than 1 day and course duration param settings in vibe options […]

Member types and Group types

In wplms 2.9.2 we have introduced member types and group types . MEMBER TYPES To begin with please goto wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> member types. There  your need to create member types . After adding member types you can set the Member types widget in your sidebar to […]


2.9.1 Features :       1. activity recording for instructor commission .(now instructor can see activity for commission awarding in activity ) (NOTE : It will now record only for new woocommerce orders ) Fixed : [Vibe Course module] Quiz cached results showing clock icon in total marks.  EventOn […]

Video Vibe

Features : Integrates wplms with Vimeo . How to use  : After installing and activating plugin you need to generate the access token from wp-admin -> lms-> settings -> Video vibe .For this you will need to get your client identifier and client api key . In order to get […]

Course Templates

In wplms 2.9 we have added course templates feature . 1. Saving course Template :  To begin with just go to any course and and edit it . On “Publish course” step you will see a button to save that course as a template . Clicking on it you will […]