WPLMS Appointments Update 1.3

Version 1.3 Bug Fixes:  Security Key passed in api call which fetch the data of instructing appointments tab  Security key passed in api call of join meeting View Profile button in directory is now redirecting to the user profile Clicked Schedule will be highlighted in the schedule calendar tab Book […]

WPLMS Appointments Update 1.2

Version 1.2 Bug Fixes:  In Appointments Directory show text per slot with slot price  Logged in as student when access the appointments tab of an instructor the buddypress menus are not visible fixed  Update Meeting args only when meeting is created  Created Meeting Activity recorded Show Hide Filters added in […]

Book Instructor in WPLMS Appointments

How to Add Availability Schedule? Go to Instructor’s Profile, a tab(Appointments) will appear there. Under Appointments tab there are 4 sub-tabs. Click on Settings tab and add availability schedule Set date and time and click on save availability schedule button. Once the schedule set, it will be appeared like this […]

Introduction to WPLMS Appointments

What is Appointments? An Appointment in simple language is defined as an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place. The main objective of this addon is to set a time for a task. Instructors can set the date and time of their availability so that students can […]

Hide Check Answer from Large Text Ques

Go to wp-admin > Plugins > Editor > Select WPLMS Customizer Plugin > wplms-customizer.php And Paste the code at the end before ?>

WPLMS Accredible

What is Accredible Plugin? The Accredible platform enables organizations to create, manage and distribute digital credentials as digital certificates, open badges and blockchain credentials. Using this Plugin you can choose the style for your certificate as well. Most of the users ask that how we can have the styles for […]

Redirect Back to course Button to a custom page

This tip will help in redirecting a user to a custom page when user clicks on back to course button on course status page a. Go to WP Admin -> Plugins -> Editor -> WPLMS Customizer -> customizer_Class.php b. Add the following line in function _contstruct : PHP Code:


Manage Reviews Approval

In WPLMS quiz answers, assignments and reviews are saved as comments. But if you want to approve comments before publishing on course then there is an alternative for this without affecting the quiz answers ad assignments. Go to wp-admin > Plugins > Editor > Select WPLMS Customizer Plugin > wplms-customizer.php


Restrict Users To Access the Home Page

This tip will work when someone do not want to show the Home Page of his site. Whenever a user try to access the Home Page he will land on his dashboard. Paste the below code in wp-admin > Plugins > Editor > Select WPLMS Customizer Plugin > wplms-customizer.php