How to create a custom learninpath

Today we’ll learn how to create a custom learningpath. You need to go to wp-admin -> LMS -> All Learning Paths, and click on add new button : Here you can see different settings : Default Points awarded per step: These points are only awarded if the step points is […]

WPLMS Custom Learning Paths Introduction

The custom learning path addon is a very exciting addon plugin for WPLMS. It aims on creating custom paths for students to learn on the website. Until now there was no concept in wplms for allowing students to learn something in a particular path and award certificates and badges for […]

Certificate expiry date shortcode

Hi… Today we’ll learn about a new shortcode added in wplms i.e. [certificate_expiry_date]. This shortcode is added for displaying date only. You can add the shortcode as: [certificate_expiry_date days=365] This will show the date after 365 days i.e. 1 year from the date of issue. You can also specify the […]

Schedule Course Review Email

Hi, today we’ll learn about a new feature added in the wplms 2.8.1 version i.e. schedule course review email. This email is only sent to the users who have finished the course and their course has been evaluated, but they have not added any review in the course. Steps to […]

Google Captcha on Buddypress Registration Page

NOTE: This won’t work with ajax login until wplms 2.8 version. In this tutorial we’ll learn how to add google captcha on buddypress registration page. Please follow the bellow steps: Add the google captcha public and private key in the wp-admin -> wplms -> miscellaneous -> google captcha public key, […]

WPLMS Learnpress courses migration plugin

Please download the plugin from wordpress: Wplms Learnpress Migrate Plugin. Introduction: This plugin will help you to migrate all your Learnpress courses to wplms courses. With the courses all its units, quizzes and questions will also be migrated. This whole process will be done by you in just one click. Installation:  Please […]


Features : User Guided Tours / Walk throughs for WPLMS Students, Instructors and Administrators, tutorial Added option to create course news from Front End, tutorial Added a new shortcode [countdown_timer], which shows a timer countdown, tutorial Share certificates on social media, screenshot Added a custom attachment system for units, tutorial […]

WPLMS Front End Course News

Hi, today we’ll learn about a new feature added in the wplms 2.8 version i.e. creating course news from the front end. First Please make sure the course news is enabled from the wplms -> course manager -> display news, make sure its set to yes, refer: Now go to course […]

Bulk Add Students to Batch via CSV

Download the plugin from here: Steps to use: Install the plugin and activate it. Now you’ll see a bulk upload option in the group members, refer: Upload the csv file to add the students, if the users are already registered then they will be added in the group if you check […]

WPLMS Batches 1.6

Features Added Order batches display on course page. Hide expired batches from course page. Tutorial Added an option to select all courses in buy batch form. Added details in the batch section. Bug Fixes Enroll now button not working in sidebar style bug fixed. Wrong avatar displaying in Batch news […]