Hide expired batches from course page

In wplms batches 1.6 version we have added a new setting in the course settings (front end), which hides the expired batches from the course page. This setting is usefull for course instructors if they offer many batches for the same course, for example: There are 12 batches in a […]

WPLMS Gift Course

WPLMS Gift Course is a WPLMS add-on for gifting the course to other users. Features :  You can gift course to users by actually paying for them. You can gift course on behalf of other users also, like user1 can gift a course to user2 on behalf of user3. The gift recipient […]

Instructor Premium Courses Feature

In version 1.5 we have added a major feature in WPLMS Woocommerce plugin, the feature is called “Instructor Premium Courses”. This feature allows instructor to pay for the number of courses they want to publish on the website. If the website administrator chooses to enable this feature then the instructors […]

WPLMS Academy courses migration plugin

Please download the plugin from here: Wplms Academy Migrate Plugin.   Introduction: This plugin will help you to migrate all your Academy courses to wplms courses. With the courses all its units, quizzes and questions will also be migrated. This whole process will be done by you in just one click. […]

Schedule Email For Inactive Users

Hi, today we’ll learn about a new feature added in the wplms 2.6 version i.e. schedule email for inactive users. Steps to set the inactivity email:  Please go to wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> emails -> email schedule -> schedule inactive user emails.  Now enable the inactive user email. […]

Adding sample reviews in Courses

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to add bulk sample reviews in the course using csv file. => First download a sample csv file to know the database prefix or an overview of the csv file to create from the lms->settings->export/import, refer: => Now create your own csv file by […]

WPLMS Buy Batch Feature

In version 1.5 we have added a major feature in WPLMS batches plugin, the feature is called “Buy Batch”. As the name suggests this feature allows any user to purchase a complete Batch (class or reserve seats ) for selected Courses. Use Cases : A company or corporate wants to […]

Plugin Update: Wplms Woocommerce 1.4.1

WPLMS WooCommerce 1.4.1 : [Fixed] : Check for expired courses missing from the variation popup form. [Fixed] : Duration parameter not saving in variation form in some cases. [Fixed] : In case of variable products if no variation is selected, the button is still clickable. [Added] : Batch name in variation […]

Batch sidebar display style not working with modern theme [Not required since version 2.6]

Please add the bellow code in your functions.php file of modern theme: //Batches in sidebar fix for modern theme. add_action(‘wplms_before_single_course’,’custom_batch_sidebar_fix_modern’); function custom_batch_sidebar_fix_modern(){ if(class_exists(‘Wplms_Batches_Init’)){ global $post; if($post->post_type == ‘course’){ $course_id = $post->ID; $display_style = get_post_meta($course_id,’vibe_batch_display’,true); if( $display_style == ‘sidebar’){ $batches = Wplms_Batches_Init::init(); $batches->batches = wplms_get_course_batches($course_id); if(empty($batches)) return; $batches->show_enroll_button = 0; $batches->add_enroll_now_class […]