Improving Related course accuracy

The following tip will improve related course accuracy in modern theme. Currently the Related courses pick the courses from the same category to which the current course is connected to. The relation between category and courses is “or”. Following tip will identify if the course is connected to a child […]

Hide Badges and Certificates from Other Users

This tip is for restricting the users to see the badges and certificates of another users. Please follow this simple step: Please Paste the below code in wplms-customizer.php file present in your wplms customizer plugin.


Add content on the Top of the Website.

Please Follow these steps: 1) Please add this code in the wplms-customizer.php file present in your wplms customizer plugin.

2) Now go to wp-admin->wplms->header: At the bottom you will see a new field  “Add content on Top”, refer: 3) Now save the changes, and visit your site, you can […]

Enabling Default Gravatar for Users.

Please open the wplms-customizer.php file present in wplms customizer plugin. Now copy and paste the following line in this file.


Course Details Widget Follow the User when they Scroll

Please go to your wplms-customizer.php file in wplms customizer plugin or functions.php in your child theme and add the following code at the bottom of the file.