WPLMS Plugin Template added for Third party theme compatibility : https://youtu.be/3Q3wbIs7Mzo Special character in manage quiz –  Quiz titles Course elements styling in non-wplms sites ( curriculum / reviews) VibeBP Missing Templates folder for third party theme compatibility Tabs not working in Editor Profile grid in non-WPLMS setups.

Show link of quiz in curriculum

In course page, curriculum does not show links by degault. This tip shows links to quizzes in the curriculum add_filter(‘bp_course_get_full_course_curriculum’,function($curriculum_items){ foreach($curriculum_items as $i=>$item){ if($item[‘type’] == ‘quiz’){ $curriculum_items[$i][‘link’] = get_permalink($item[‘id’]); } } return $curriculum_items; });

WPLMS Theme 4.097 WPLMS plugin VibeBP

WPLMS Theme [Fixed ] WP 5.6 fix for options panel fields. [Fixed] Requirements updated in setup wizard [Updated] Force reload course page on order completion to avoid browser from caching the page. WPLMS Plugin [Bug] Edit post opens member card [Bug] Create course tooltips not correctly located [Bug] Special […]

Vibe Helpdesk 1.2 , Vibe BBB 1.6.1

Vibe Helpdesk  1.2 [Bug]  Settings not saving properly [Bug] Not able to add labels and agent role selection. [Added] Private replies, if BBP Private replies plugin active : https://prnt.sc/w6mrv9 [Bug] Create / Delete capability check missing Vibe BBB 1.6.1 [Added ] BBB Recordings : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCf319jCcHs [Fix] Join URL in Course […]

VibeBP & Vibe Appointments 1.4.1

VibeBP. [Update] Login trigger now uses React Portal in a div element in footer. so header styles do not conflict [Update] Highlight color added in Customizer – Colors. [ https://docs.wplms.io/pwa#colors ] Vibe Appointments 1.4.1 [Bug] Directory Price filter crashes when there is 1 price or no price set. [Bug] […]

WPLMS 4.0 impact on Site speed

We now reach 6 months of launch of WPLMS version 4.0 series. And as we gear up for the next year 2021 , we are now “really” excited to show/prove why we revamped our entire architecture to version 4.  The evolution of web never stops and things where were earlier […]


1. [Bug] Single unit fix in BP Single page mode 2. [Bug] Single Quiz fix in BP Single page mode 3. [Update] Scripts updated for WP 5.6 compatibility 4. [bug] iFrame video shortcode fix 5. [Bug] Quiz pagination isse support for math in questions/options 6. [bug] Quiz statistics added

WPLMS 4.096 , VibeBP, WPLMS 1.4.9

WPLMS Theme 1. [Bug Fix] Login does not show user pic & name in BP Single Page 2. [Bug] Curriculum icon Fix 3. [Bug] Empty User object shows “undefined” 4. [Update] Font Swap parameter added 5. [Bug] Fixed row issue in Bootstrap 4 mode. VibeBP 1. [Bug] Editing content […]

WPLMS Batches 4.3.1

Issues Fixed : 1. [Bug] Multiple Batch disconnection on Course edit. 2. [Bug] Batch Purchase link fixed with WooCommerce compatibility 3. [Bug] Redirect to Course from Batch from Batch tab 4. [Bug] Loading sign added in Batch Tab & button 5. [Bug] Batch editing in WP admin panel shows javascript […]