WPLMS plugin 1.4.8 , VibeBP 1.4.8

VibeBP 1.4.8 1. [Bug] Session Storage in BP Single Page. BP Single page does not show user image. 2. [Bug] Icons missing in PWA. 3. [Bug] Math not working in Editor 4. [Added] Pin /unpin Editor Toolbar. 5. [Added] Code block in Editor 6. [Added] Tooltips in Editor 7. [Added] […]

WPLMS plugin 1.4.7

[Added] Lock icon in units [Bug] Loading issue in single quiz with version 3 quizzes [Update] Backward compatibility of WPLMS Dashboard widgets [Update] Ajax menu [Bug] Scorm unit error on course page [Update] Assignment filter for grading options [Update] H5p Units / Quiz sync [Update] Batch students sync [Bug] Drip […]

Vibe Calendar 1.3

Version 1.3 of Vibe Calendar is a Feature update: Features added : Public Events Recurring Events Group Events Course Events Elementor Widget for displaying public events.

WPLMS 4.095.2 VibeBP

Minor updates WPLMS 4.095.2 Login trigger not working. VibeBP API not working because double slash detected in some cases Missing Labels in login trigger Group invites not working.

VibeBP 1.4.7 , WPLMS 1.4.6

VibeBP 1.4.7 Sidebar issue for Students and instructors on single page implentation Option to extend registration fields in default form inside popup Warning message fix in BP single page Provision added to load member profiles inside PWA Provision added to load groups inside PWA. WPLMS 1.4.6 Edit questions in Questions […]

VibeBP 1.4.6

[Update] Requests section added for Private groups Groups. user flow : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bmCbVBeRY8 [Bug] Group action triggers not working [Bug] Members action triggers not working [bug] Member action triggers not working in profile. [bug] Group status [Public/Private/Hidden] missing in creation [bug] Group types slug appears in place of name in directory.

WPLMS 4.095

4.095.1 [BugFix] Profile link does not open logged in menu. [Bug] Errors through by ReactDom. [Important] If you are using Vibe Earnings plugin , please update it to verison 1.1. Please ensure you clear page cache in your servers. WPLMS Theme [Update] Student and Instructor menus supported [Bug] Blog Category […]

Vibe Zoom 1.5

Recordings API implemented Multiple Zoom credentials support. Full Document : https://docs.wplms.io/extensions-and-addons/included-addons/video-conferencing/vibe-zoom    

IMPORTANT : Update WP Bakery, Visual composer to 6.4

Recently a security vulnerability was reported in the Popular WP Bakery, Visual composer plugin in verison 6.2.0 and below. Please update the plugin to latest version : 1. Graph your WPLMS Theme purchase code 2. Download the plugin, replace the XXX with your item purchase code.  [DO NOT SIMPLY CLICK […]