Course Drive & BuddyDrive integration with WPLMS

We’ve added a new feature called “Course Drive” in WPLMS. [Updated September 2021] The all new Course Drive feature is Wplms update version 4. also Available in latest. It is now powered by a plugin called Vibe Drive, The vibe drive also works in generated apps. see Video : This […]

New Header Styles in WPLMS 2.0

We’re completely rewriting WPLMS in the 2.0 version. ┬áBased on popular feedback from issues and support topics. We’re introducing new header styles in WPLMS, the header styles can be changed from Theme Customiser – header section. Please share your feedback.   Default   Sleek   Transparent Center   Standard   […]

Trello for Live Issue Log and Features in progress

WPLMS is a very dynamic project. We’ve build it through the Agile development model which is why it is constantly evolving. However, as a user/customer of WPLMS you may not be able to know on what issues/features the VibeThemes team is working on. So we’re sharing following Trello boards, where […]

Introducing WPLMS WooCommerce

WPLMS WooCommerce is a plugin built for WooCommerce compatibility with WPLMS. Although WPLMS natively supports WooCommerce, this add-on makes WooCommerce compatible with WPLMS. So, instead of custom metabox from WPLMS, you now get WPLMS settings right in WooCommerce metabox :     Using this Add-on, you can support Variable Pricing […]