Coming up EventOn in WPLMS

We’re finally integrating EventOn with WPLMS.

Events for WPLMS has been a long standing feature request.


We’ll be including EventOn in WPLMS and WPLMS EventOn Addon plugin in the Theme Package in version 1.9.9 . Front end event creation will be included in version 2.0

a. Once activated WPLMS Events plugin with automatically get deactivated.

b. You’ll get an option to migrate all your existing events to EventOn.


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  1. Zak ahmed

    Wplms unavailable in themeforest as of Oct 8, 2015

  2. bradw0007

    That’s awesome!
    I just received an email from Evanto Market that said – [ThemeForest] Update available for ‘WPLMS Learning Management System’
    Is the EventOn feature included in this update?

    1. No, the update is only for Visual composer. The theme update is still scheduled to early next week with EventOn and WPLMS EventOn Addon.

  3. Elena-De

    That’s really cool!
    But I have a question with updates: I have bought WPLMS 1.9.7. How can I update it to 1.9.8.?
    I put all the data needed (API key and login) but there is no auto updates..

    1. Yes. Check the current version in WP Admin – Updates and click on check again button.

  4. Yonimn

    Hi, why can’t I see the update in my cpanel as usual?

    1. The updates are visible in WP Admin – Dashboard – Updates section. This particular update will be available in 1.9.9, we’ll add a notice when it is available.

      1. Yonimn

        Ok thanks.
        Quick question: will it include the fix for front end adding students to courses?

      2. marthawit

        Please do you offer paid support? i need urgent and very fast help

  5. kavi21186

    Desperately waiting for events on Plugin and .9.9
    “Are we there Yet” 🙂

  6. 247webmaster

    What part of EventOn are you implementing – which features have you included?
    Where do we see a sample of the WPLMS evenon ? with its features.
    Thank you

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