1. Please. I have a big query my client just complained about. Though, I am not yet done with site but we noticed that when you scroll down the site slowly on PC and Mobile, you will discover you will not see each widget until u scroll back up. Also, I thought the theme said the speed of the site will be fast, in my case, I only have the demo on the site and it is extremely slow. Pls, urgent help will be appreciated edu.dejoylandschools.com

  2. Acharya1988

    I am trying to install 4.5
    I am seeing quite multiple errors.

    As I encountered so many errors including fatal once. I had to delete the entire installation where I had 123 active customers.
    Now I am almost lost..

    I am not able to give facilities which are listed in demo
    among them
    1) DRIVE
    2) Knowledgebase
    3) Forum

    along with these when I wanted to have an app I communicated to the Wplms team and got in touch with Harry. Then I got to know there is an error in terms of the plugin. It seems I should have the Vibe course module plugin. Which I tried to install from old backup just for the sake of app, then it turned into another error. Started conflicting with multiple plugins.

    and I also see in the setup wizard though I have increased PHP memory and other dependencies still say failed.

    I tried to do it in all possible ways. failed terribly. and my 100+ users are demanding refunds. I am in ruin. please help me urgently.

    All that I want is demo 11 with all the above-mentioned facilities in PWA
    1) DRIVE
    2) Knowledgebase
    3) Forum

    I have already shared my WP admin details in email..

  3. Hi There,
    I want to design placement test for the course but it will be like the student have to give placement test first then according to their score they can select the courses.
    How can I build placement test before they select the course?
    How can I display the score details?

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