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    First and foremost Happy New Year to everyone! It has been an absolute pleasure working with WPLMS for the past few weeks. I'd like to share my client's beta website: Due to budgetary reasons I couldn't customize it nowhere near as much as I would've liked, but I do have another WPLMS project lined up so I'll stick around the forum a little longer. Looking forward to see what I can do with WPLMS 2.0!
    Hello it's look perfect , and i  need to know .. how did you make the effect hover over courses box . it gives pic of the instructors with the stars for reviews and .. . So is this build in options with WPLMS or custom css ? I realy like your site :) Regards
    Thank you for your kind words PixelsHouse. This is a custom work done for a client using custom functions and css, unfortunatelly it's not built in the theme. If you want your own custom block, here's a great place to start: If you're experienced it shouldn't be hard to put it together. Let me know if I can help you
    Hello Urdek - We are looking for a experienced wordpress developer/designer with WPLMS experience to help us with our WPLMS site. Will you be able to help us out? How much time will it take to install and configure the sample data (basically for a POC)? Thanks.
    Hi, Urdek, Very impressive:) Well done! May I know how did you create this part in Home page? Thanks for sharing.  
    @chandsk Hey chandsk, If your message is meant for the vibe team you might have better luck posting it on another forum as I don't think they check this forum very often. if the message was meant for me you can either make your post public or send me an email at andreurdek(at)gmail(dot)com Cheers
    @SAA2014 Thank you for your kind words! That's pure css...pretty neat, huh? The markup is quite simple, but the css is a bit tricky...but it's basicaly positioning and using pseudo-elements for the lines, bullets and arrows.
    <div class="line">
        <div class="box">
            Your text
        <div class="label">
            Your label
    Ps: Be sure to make it responsive. Hope it points you in the right direction. Cheers Edit: Here's the markup <div class="line"> <div class="box"> Your text </div> <div class="label"> Your label </div> </div> <div class="line"> <div class="label"> Your label </div> <div class="box"> Your text </div> </div>
    @Urdek, Appreciate much:) Will try it despite I am unfamiliar with coding stuffs. Thanks!
    @SAA2014 Oh, I assumed you had some sort of background in developing websites, I could've explain it better, thoroughly...but the forum formatting made it hard. Anyway... Send me an email if you need any more help, my email is a couple messages back. Take care
    Undoubtedly, a beautiful design. I wonder if you could share with the community your customization files of courses block. That would be a great contribution. Think about it. A greeting and thank you very much for listening my proposal.
    @Carser Thank you for your kind words. I'm all about sharing knowledge, but this was a paid job and as such I can't just give it wouldn't be fair to my client. Please refer to: After that is just a matter of adding the info you want to be displayed there and use opacity to hide/show it on mouse hover. If you get stuck at some step along the way and need help putting it together, I'll gladly assist you, just send me a message here or an email. And if you don't have any prior coding experience and would still like to have a nicely designed custom block that fits your requirements, you can always ask for a quotation. You may be surprise by how affordable a custom solution can be. Here's what I currently working on for you to see the endless possibilities (scroll down to see the blocks): Take care and let me know if I can help you any further
    Wow Urdek, your website is amazing!! :D
    Thank you all! Don't miss my new project:
    Hello underk. Thanks for agreeing to help me. I'm developing a similar course block to yours. However, I'm having some problems to insert the following information: instructor name; total course hours and number of units. For example, to display the instructor name I tried the following (without results):
    $ Thumbnail_html. = '<H3 class = "block_author"> ID).' "Title =" '. $ Post-> post_author.' "> '. $ Post- > post_author ' </ h3>.';
    Could you help me to show instructor name, total course hours and number of units in course block? Many thanks. P.S: Very nice your new project with wplms 2.0 ;)
    Ok. I have managed to show the instructor name in course block. Now, I need to show the total course hours and number of units in course block. Urdek, I count on you? I appreciate your help.
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