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    Hi there: I am adding images in blog posts but they are not responsive even though the scrset option is available and the images have been resized into multiple sizes in the wp-content directory. I deactivated the WPLMS theme and activated Wordpress 2016 theme and the images became responsive... This appears to be a bug.
    PLease see an example here: Resize the window to see the image size does not change....overflows from the frame
    it appears the captions are causing issues...if you put caption on an image it is no longer responsive
    Anshuman Sahu
    Yes this seems to be an issue as of now in wplms .Thanks fro reporting the issue to us We will try fixing this in the next update of wplms .
    Any idea when this will be fixed? Images are HUGE on my mobile browser, as is text.
    @OlayinkaR : This is a very old topic. The issue is resolved and images are perfectly responsive on mobile devices. Can you please share more details on the issue you are facing like site/page url to check. P.S: You are kindly requested to create your own support topic for easy tracking of your as well as other user's (who created the topic) issue.
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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