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    Hi mr Vibe your doing a great job !! thx for all the work. little question; can i change the unit/course width to full page or lager so my course content is widther  ? would be great
    anyone ? i paid a licence so i tought i would get some support :) thx in advanced
    anyone ? :)
    Are you using a child theme? If so I think your best shot would be making the container fluid, that way you'd increase the width whilst still maintaining responsiveness. Let me know if you don't know how to do that
    Hello, Thx for the reply, no iam not using a child theme. And im sorry but i dont know how to do it so if you could help it would be a great christmas present.   Merry christmas, B
    Oh man, I don't like giving away code to people that don't fully understand it (especially if I haven't tested it thoroughly) as it can cause more harm than good. So I'd strongly recommend you to get some professional help. I do offer such services should you (or anyone else) need, or you could always look for those freelancers websites that do small changes for as little as $10. With that being said: If you're feeling adventurous / want to learn more: 1 - Read about child themes and why you should always use one for your custom work 2 - Create a child theme 3 - Copy the file 'start.php' over to your newly created child theme. 4 - Open the file and change 'class="container"' to 'class="container-fluid"' Ps: If you attempt this on a live website (which you really shouldn't) ALWAYS backup your files first Merry Christmas and Good luck
    thx and happy newyear, nice of you to point me in a direction ;)
    This is coming up in the next update : 2.0 We have three layouts available in 2.0 : Container (default), Fluid (Full screen) and Boxed
    @urdek: Do you have any idea where to find freelancer websites to do small changes? Thanks a lot!
    @milli4697 Google would be good start, haha...just messing with you. Send me a email at andreurdek(at)gmail(dot)com with the link to this thread and I'll help you further. Take care
Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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