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    Hello WPLMS Team, The problem : Right now wplms does not detects The courses connected to PmPro memberships that a user purchase, Student have to view the course page by himself to be listed his courses page and his my courses tab in all courses page , That problem cause another issue witch is : when the student forgot to view the course page , the course become "Not active" for that student , screenshot : The solution : Automatically detect the courses connected to a PmPro memberShip the student purchase , like the WPLMS do with the normal process of purchasing courses(woocommerce,added by instructor) Does anyone confirm this issue ? Regards The X Learner
    Yes, this is how WPLMS works with membership plugins. It is the same model which popular education membership sites implement like Codeacademy, Tutsplus .. It is a usability issue rather than a coding issue. There are users which have only one membership on site and have more than 100 courses. In which case, the above suggestion does not make much sense.   moving this to customisation. How to tackle this : a. We can use pmpro hook : pmpro_after_change_membership_level (level_id,user_id) b. Run a course meta_query, check the level_ids connected to the course. c. give the user_id access to all the connected courses.
    Thank you for the clarification . I will give it a try . Regards The X Learner
    @Mr.Vibe is there a way to avoid having this message ? : Because the student can forgot accessing the course page
    Hello ! :-D Is it possible to redirect customer to the page course linked to pmpro level after buying ? Or how would I implement your solution to automatically add student in course after payment ? Thanks ! Ian
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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