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    We bought and implemented the WPLMS and Variable Pricing   Our business model is to have students get access to free content and they can select the support if they want at an additional fee. We are having difficulty with offering free content with paid service as an add on. We expect 80% of our users to be free users and 20% to be paid.   The problem we are facing is that when a student selects the free content and enrolls he is taken the payment/ billing pages. We want the student to directly go on the enrolled page and start the course if he is a free user. When we show him the payment/ billing pages we fear a huge drop ratio.   Here is the user flow   1) Student sees all the courses 2) Students selects a course he likes and visit the course product page 3) He clicks on enroll (If he is not registered logged in he will be asked to register or login) 4) Once logged in he will see a pop up - The pop up will have 3 options a) Free Course b) Free Course + Certificate Rs 500 c) Free course + Certificate + Support Rs 1000 per month.   The problem is when the student selects the free course page he is currently taken to the payment page. What we wish to do is when he selects option A which is the free course it should directly enroll the student and take him to the course video page. If he selects option b or C he would be taken to the payment page.   I understand this flow might not be readily available but is there a workaround or is there anyway we can populate or enroll the student in the free course.   Thanks again for the support.
    Anshuman Sahu
    You can use wplms woocommerce  addon plugin for this . With it you can create variable pricing in a course .Also can enable /disable certificates and badges,quiz/course retakes .Variable duration of the course . So you can create a variation that will have 0 price and it will be free to the user but certificate or other things will be disabled . another variation with some pricing with certificate enabled . Check video tutorials here :
    Thanks for the response. We already bought and implemented the variable pricing / woo commerce module, the problem we are facing is even the free or 0 fee customers are being forced to pass through billing and payment pages. If it is a free product why ask them to go through billing and payment page. Being that 80% of the users would be free users, having them pass through billing and payments page is difficult. Please help.  
    H.K. Latiyan
    Well this is not available in wplms as of now, you can create a feature request here:
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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