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    screenshots are attached in the link, labeled with figure 1, figure 2….: attachment Hi I am creating a website that offer online courses for lanaguge teaching, I really need to customize some featrues, but I am new in wplms. 1) For course creation, it has three levels: sections within a course, units within a section. Assignments and quizzes are essentially in the same level as a unit, and a unit is essentially one single page. Here I need to add one more layer, say topic. For example, if I want to teach a piece of text, I seperate it into three units to teach, and a section may contain several pieces of texts. Is it possible to build this layered system? Essentially, I need to demonstrate that several units are grouped together within a section. 2) In course creation page, there is a bug. If I clicked create a unit/quiz/assignment and enterring the editing page, then I don’t save it and directly click add unit/quiz/assignment again, then the screen will be locked and I have to refresh the page and start everything again. (figure 1) 3)The course creation process is too length and complex for most teachers, e.g. entering dashboard, courses, manage courses, edit course, settings, components, while set curriculum should be the central focus of this process. Is there a way to design a more intuitive and simpler course creation process? 4)Everytime when enterring the dashboard, there is an intermediate page showing up, which makes the page loading very lagging. Is there a way to disable it without affecting the functions? (figure 2) In addition, the loading rate of the entire site is a bit slow, is there a better way to optimize? 5)When the instructor schedule a BigBlueButton meeting and inserted it into a course page, the student cannot join from the course page before or after the scheduled time, even after the instructor has initiated the meeting. (figure 3) 6)Is there a way for instructor to check student view while creating a course? 7)Whether the results of h5P quizes can be added into course evaluation? I really appreciate!
    hi the delay in response due to support holiday trying to answer your all queries 1. yes you can add several pieces of texts in the section but it will be in the form of unit 2. please share the recorded video so we will replicate it exactly 3. here is the full guide 4. for that, you can use BuddyPress single page and this is the page setting 5. for this please create a new topic 6. complete student flow the instructor has to create a student account for this. only then it is possible 7. yes
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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