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    Hi Need help with the following issues: 1- I have set a course with a prerequisite, so that users cannot access the course without the previous course. But now the instructor of this course himself can't view his own course! I add him as a student to the course from the admin side, but even then he can't access the course (though I as the admin can access it without having completed the prerequisite course either).. 2- For the quiz, I've blocked retakes to 1 retake yet it lets me retake as many times as I want 3- I turned on auto-evaluate results, but turned off show results after submission. Yet I can see the results after having done the quiz, even though I (purposely) failed the quiz. Thanks
    Anshuman Sahu
    1 . yes this check if implemented for all . To remove that you would need to add your self into pre required course and change the status of the course as finished .    2 . admin and instructor can retake as many courses they want to . 3 . well results always shows throught the check results link after quiz is finished . That show results after submission shows the results right there in the quiz content area and there is no need for the user to click on the check results link / You can enable "hide correct answer  " from wp-admin -> lms-> settings to hide the correct answer .
    Excellent Thanks a lot
    Though, a related question.. In the settings, I have blocked students who fail a quiz to go to the next unit. However, is there a way through the admin where I can manually allow them to go to the next unit despite the fail? I tried to mark that quiz complete for them, but it still didn't allow them to move to the next unit because their marks were too low.   thanks
    @babalridha If you are using pass/fail shortcode then it is not possible
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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