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    Hey vibes :) Thanks for this plugin that seems to be great until now A question however : It seems that I cannot upload more than 50mb files (due to my host memory limit). 1# But if I raise this limit to 700 mb (random value), do you have a limit in your plugin that would hamper my big files from being uploaded thanks to WPLMS 3 ? And if yes, what is the limit ? 2# I take this opportunity to ask : will you add the feature that enables the plugin to upload the big files piece by piece (by chunks) that you mentionned in another post ?   Thanks a lot for your great work !          
    1# The plugin has no limit on uploading files. The limitation of 50MB comes from the use of input type file which we're using in the plugin to upload files. This input field restricts the uploading of files to the maximum buffer space available, which is defined by the php.ini settings (wp upload limit) in your server. 2# Yes, I am working on releasing an update for this plugin with this feature.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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