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    Hi, I know at the moment it's not possible to autoplay video to next unit after finish previous unit, like Udemy has. But this is extremely valued feature to have. I use Udemy myself as student and it's really amazing when you can relax and just watch few videos playing in a row, and stopping only if student interaction is needed. I know student has to mark "Unit Complete" for now, to be able to go to next unit. I think this could be looked at to overcome this request, or implement it in different more flexible way. Maybe theme could auto mark if student stopped video manually. I would leave it up to you. But please could you advice when this autoplay next would be available? If I need to hire you in private to do the programming, how much that would cost? But I hope it would pay off much better if this update would be public for everyone. Thanks
    Anshuman Sahu
      Okay , Please enable the "  Enable Auto mark complete unit when vimeo video finishes" from wp-admin -> lms -> settings . please try adding this given code in your wplms-customizer.php file in wplms customizer plugin :   add_action('wp_footer',function (){   ?>   <script type="text/javascript">     jQuery(document).ready(function (){       jQuery('body').find('.course_progressbar').on('increment',function (){         jQuery('body').find('#next_unit').trigger('click');       });     });        </script>   <?php });
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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