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    Hello, With the latest update, we had automaticly upgraded our WPMLS main theme to 2.0.8, and manually uploaded the new modern theme, while we use a way to always rename previous theme, we did the same, in renaming wpmls_modern into wplms-modern_207 . While we activated the new child theme, I noticed the version is the same, and nothing changed in file structure or size after a quick visual comparison. We did noticed that switching between themes deactivated our activated plugins, and also was loosing some LayerSlider customisation, such as a search bad in the main slider. Also we lost A widget in the footer. How can one avoid this? or can this be somehow fixed in next versions? Switching between child themes should not affect content or plugins.   Regards, Cosmin
    Anshuman Sahu
    Please note that there is an issue in vibe course module plugin . It shows notice to update modern theme . But latest modern theme has not been uploaded yet with the wplms 2.0.8 . So please ignore this message .We will be removing this message in the next update of wplms . about widgets and menus reset issue . Please note that this is a wordpress limitation . Wordpress saves a theme specific data in the database for the widgets and menus . So when you switch theme it does not finds the data related to that theme in database and therefore the widgets and menu settings are gone coz they were connected to the previous theme that you have switched from . But if you save your widgets and menus for each child theme and switch between the themes then widgets and menus settings will not get lost as the settings would have been already available for that theme as you saved them previously .
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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