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    Hi Alex -- I removed the seek bar (in Vimeo, for older videos) and no longer have the stuttering problem but have the following (new problems): * I can't rewind * There is no "bookmarking", i.e. my videos don't automatically jump to where I left off, and * I can't fast forward to where I was before because there's no seek bar. Could you please tell me how to proceed? All of these features (seeklock, bookmarking) are advertised features of the VideoVibe Plugin. I am happy to (privately) provide login credentials if you want to have a look at the implementation. Thanks!
    Anshuman Sahu
    Well we have implemented this in first place but then after few months there appeared this issues with video being stuttering .I looked for solutions to achieve the seek lock and ultimately found there is no provision to do that unless you disabled the seekbar in video settings itself on . therefore we implemented this one . So it is vimeo player api that does not have a provision to disable seek right now .
    wrong thread sorry
Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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