Bug Fixes Update

1. EventOn Warnings : Check this link on how fix warnings.
2. Front end Course creation unit save
3. Datepicker bug in old frontend
4. Help text bug in old front end
5. Skip WooCommerce setup in oneclick install
6. Grou id warnings bug
7. Category filter js error
8. Related courses widget bug fix
9. Star rating bug fix on all courses/single courses
10. LMS – Payments history visible to instructors bug
11. Unit id visible on non-ajax courses
12. Unlimited time in assignments fix

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  1. We are getting a fatal error
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method lms_settings::get_touch_points() in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/vibe-course-module/includes/bp-course-notifications.php on line 42

  2. David

    I have this same problem

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined method lms_settings::get_touch_points() in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/vibe-course-module/includes/bp-course-notifications.php on line 42”

    I suspect it happened after an auto update as I haven’t used the website in a while.

    It does not automatically update, and Apache will not start now.

    Please help! I want to get my site back online.

    1. It seems all your plugins were not updated properly. Please create a support topic and share FTP credentials, and we’ll fix it asap.

  3. Jon

    Is this version of the theme compatible with WordPress 4.5.2? I am having some issues with the EventOn plugins. I am wondering as it was previously supported by a different developer before me if they updated the platform and it impacted the events. Now they are not clickable.



    1. Not clickable means a JavaScript error exists on page. Make sure the theme and plugins are in the same version, except visual composer no other plugin has wp 4.5 dependency. Maybe for Eventon , update the Eventon plugin only as it is a third party plugin it will not have impact on rest of wplms

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