New Features :

  1. Course category shortcode
  2. Course Category background image
  3. 5 Drip Feed types : Static, Unit Duration, Section, Section Unit Duration, Unit Start date/time

Updates :

  1. Quiz results sharing url
  2. Playlist shortcode in course
  3. Yoast SEO page builder content for content analysis
  4. WooCommerce My Orders, PMPro remove on unchecking in LMS – Settings
  5. Drip feed can be started in middle of course
  6. Vibe Carousel Control navigation and Direction navigation in page builder

Bug Fixes :

  1. Read more in course description
  2. Need warning in course description
  3. Wrong breadcrumbs in Course directory
  4. Quiz retakes bug
  5. Multiple accordions bug
  6. Multiple Tabs bug
  7. Progress bar shortcodes bug
  8. User activity in course not working
  9. Item pagination not working in course admin
  10. Course redirect loop bug
  11. question tag in front end
  12. Modern theme center header bugs
  13. Modern theme transparent header bugs
  14. Mobile Menu alignment
  15. Unread Notifications in Header
  16. WooCommerce errors box
  17. Redirect on taxonomy to all courses not working
  18. Modern theme sleek header bugs
  19. Testimonial slug translation
  20. Transparent header styling issues
  21. Transparent header missing title
  22. Profile settings in P3 layout break
  23. Group avatar and background in g4 layout
  24. Group forums infinite loop
  25. NAN in User Stats
  26. WooCommerce my orders edit-address not working bug
  27. question shortcode not working in blog posts
  28. WP Multisite direct checkout not working
  29. WP Multisite WooCommerce.min.css not included
  30. Course category links in WP Admin
  31. Vertical tabs in Units
  32. Group forum group header bug
  33. 404 status on 404 page
  34. Touch Punch.js bug in buddypress.js
  35. Time below user submissions in Course – Submissions
  36. Hi”Array” in emails
  37. Members directory Instructors filter not working
  38. Page settings not working with WooCommerce deactivated
  39. select2.js bug when WooCommerce deactivated
  40. LMS Stats and Settings layouts broken
  41. Vibe carousel auto scroll not working
  42. RTL css issues
  43. Unlimited time missing in course curriculum
  44. Footer styles not working in Start course page
  45. WooCommerce shop bug in boxed layout
  46. Modern theme Related courses bug : same course
  47. Modern Theme Related courses not removing bug
  48. Course activity load more loses context
  49. News post type not visible in Page builder
  50. Js error in WP Admin – courses, units
  51. Location not uncheck in BP filter widget
  52. Badge notification not working
  53. Instructing courses warning when no curriculum set.
  54. Darken Radio button and Checkbox borders
  55. Border color in Rgba instead of hex color.


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  1. duy87

    Does this update fixes the VC loading issue that you discussed with the plugin authors?

    1. We have added the code suggested by VC. However it is not confirmed that the issue is resolved.

        1. I agree, I have notified VC of this. We released an update of vibe course module today with some fixes which might resolve the issues. Let me know if these work.

  2. snjong

    Does this update fix the course directory issues? click on a course category will direct user to a filtered course directory not all course directory?

  3. khorus

    Thank you for the update.
    In next update please fix responsive problem in transparent header (login and cart in the middle of the page)

  4. zablockis92

    Read more in course description!

    STILL IT HAS BUG, and you people cant fix it for me like 2 weaks

  5. hemant_832003

    yoast seo is still not working after update

  6. tumaltas

    The playlist issue seems resolved, however automatic playing of video or audio in the playlist fails. I mean, you have to click on the item in the playlist once, and then click on the play button again to play the video.

  7. jrchaves

    Hello vibe themes team.
    I am updating our site and would like to know how do I update (child theme) for demo 3 to be available in the latest version
    The demo is the 3 shared in: http://themes.vibethemes.com/wplms/skins/demo3/
    Please, provide the files or videos of how we leave our site like the demo 3.
    Thank you,

    1. Try disabling the wp admin – wplms – course manager – redirect to course page on category/author link.

  8. khorus

    Transparent header responsive on mobile not resolve (no childtheme)
    update OK

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