New Features :

  1. Quiz availability : tutorial

Updates :

  1. Improved Certificate Generation (no extra spaces)
  2. Quiz Timer timeout message
  3. One Page child theme fixes
  4. Child one child theme fixes
  5. Modern Child theme fixes

Bug Fixes :

  1. Modern theme fatal error in php <5.4
  2. NAN in course stats graphs
  3. Layout breaks with no course reviews
  4. Layout breaks in Group 3 layout activity
  5. select2 inclusion issue : wp download manager
  6. preview quiz results not working
  7. preview course stats for user not working for completed user
  8. Blank page in 404
  9. Course 404 permalink not redirecting to 404
  10. hidden courses in Related courses
  11. form shortcode get_bloginfo bug
  12. Archive pages in modern theme
  13. comment/review counter does not update when review is approved.
  14. Profile settings translation
  15. Student activity not displaying accurate information
  16. Translation issues in Profile – Settings – Email
  17. Video not loading in Offline course full units in curriculum

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  1. carlosmer

    Where can I see the update logs of the WPLMS plugins? There is no 2.0.7 update log nor on WP Updates page

    1. Every plugin has a changelog.txt file. Example : Your site.com/wp-content/plugins/vibe-course-module/changelog.txt

  2. Lana

    I have all the info for the autoupdates but it’s not working. I’ve been trying to update all day.

  3. yayis

    I can not update the theme to version 2.0.6 nor has the most current. And enter my data for automatic updates and even so, I did not appear the zip file to download from the web Theme Forest

    1. No worries we will help you out, please create a support topic and share the admin credentials in a private reply.

      1. yayis

        Excuse create a topic but the text is all changed, I could explain how to correct it.

  4. mavrike

    Auto Update is not working. Themeforest username and API are in place. Yet nothing get detected on Updates.

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