Features Update

New Features

  3. 5 Directory Layouts  added : Switch in Theme Customiser
  4. 5 Courses layouts added : Switch in Theme Customiser
  5. 4 Profile Layouts added : Switch in Theme Customiser
  6. 4 Group Layouts added : Switch in Theme Customiser
  7. 8 Header Layouts
  8. 3 Footer Layouts
  9. Minimal Skin Added : Switch in Theme Customiser
  10. Elegant Skin Added : Switch in Theme Customiser
  11. Offline Courses switch added : Switch in Course – Settings
  12. Display Course progress bar on course home : Switch in Course – Settings
  13. Course Progress based on Time instead of units completed : Switch in Course – Settings
  14. Hide course button after the course is purchased : Switch in Course – Settings
  15. Display unit content on course home page : Switch in Course – Settings
  16. Course Activity and ability to post course status.
  17. Course Activity filter in Activity Directory.
  18. Course Activity sorters in Activity.
  19. Course Drive feature with Course Privacy, * Requires BuddyDrive
  20. Pretty Permalinks for various Course sections
  21. Instructor can mark unit complete/incomplete in Course – Admin – Members – stats area
  22. Course Submissions revamp
  23. Events creation in Course Front End edit
  24. One Review per Course and Review Edit functionality with Reply to review option for instructors.
  25. Display unit description on Course home  : Switch in WP Admin – LMS – Settings
  26. Site Lock feature added: : Switch in WP Admin – WPLMS – Miscellaneous
  27. Connect course with External link : Switch in WP Admin – LMS – Settings and in edit Course – Pricing section
  28. Course Button shortcode added

Updated Components

  1. WPLMS Styling (SASS)
  2. CSS and JS Minification
  3. Improvements in architecture, load on demand.
  4. Conditional loading of scripts in various areas.
  5. Course Forum Privacy
  6. Set Duration parameter for course , unit, quiz and assignment on per unit basis
  7. Duration parameter for drip feed for per course.
  8. Enable Drip Unit wise or Section wise on per course basis
  9. Pmpro & WooCommerce Orders appear in BuddyPress Profile.
  10. Improved User selection in Course admin area
  11. Course rating to stars from radio buttons
  12. Sidebar in BBPress
  13. Gallery shortcode compatible with WordPress gallery
  14. Quiz Radio and Checkboxes changed to CSS 3 radio and Checkboxes
  15. Chosen dependency removed from WPLMS Front End
  16. Chosen Dependency removed from Vibe Customiser backend
  17. WooCommerce 2.5 Templates
  18. Widgets constructor changed to WP 4.3+ compatibility
  19. Improvements in security , direct access to php scripts removed
  20. BuddyPress Profile cover and group cover picture enabled
  21. Translation files updated
  22. JsComposer updated
  23. LayerSlider updated

Issues Fixed 

  1. Course Forum privacy
  2. Statistics/Leaderboard calculation correction for Quiz/Assignments
  3. Member Filters not working bug
  4. Instructor unable to access free units bug
  5. Quiz reset string bug
  6. Fill in the blank not recorded bug
  7. Text domain added for loco translate
  8. Woocommerce message display bug
  9. Assignment submission bug fix
  10. Directory Titles and Single user page title bug with Yoast SEO
  11. TinyMCE error fix
  12. BP Social connect issue with Certificate code validator
  13. Course pricing with Pmpro memberships bug
  14. Course pricing save with Course codes bug
  15. Popup Shortcode with Vibe Page builder or Visual composer issue
  16. Start course not sending touch points emails
  17. Instructor name displayed as Array in email messages via Touch points
  18. Vibe Shortcodes translation issue with incorrect text domain
  19. Check results not working when slugs are changed
  20. Improved social sharing links
  21. One session per user with BP Social connect bug
  22. Course code bug with | symbol
  23. Export.csv not automatically downloading
  24. Social sharing not available in posts
  25. Instructor dropdown in course filter widget not working properly
  26. WPLMS – BuddyPress – registration redirect not working
  27. Styling issue in Modern theme with Social connect buttons
  28. Group admins missing in Modern theme
  29. Payment post type visible in Front end.
  30. Forum creation not working in WPLMS Front end
  31. Third level menu does not appear in Mobile menu
  32. My Orders visible even after WooCommerce is deactivated
  33. Progress bar display in WPLMS Dashboard
  34. Vibe WooCommerce carousel widget bug fix
  35. Skip product page automatic redirect to cart issue
  36. Notes & Discussion comment time issue
  37. Notes and discussion unit comment not triggering touch points
  38. Course ratings not required in review. Multiple course reviews per course by student.
  39. ]] in gallery shortcode
  40. Create course incorrect message fix
  41. Unlimited displayed in unit assignments area
  42. / mark in instructor bio
  43. %s recorded in activity string
  44. Course review count and rating not updated when editing review from admin panel
  45. Forum settings displayed in Unit settings even after BBPress is deactivated
  46. Instructor message tip improper display in single course
  47. Course progress dashboard widget incorrect progress count.
  48. Spelling corrections


Language WPLMS Theme Vibe course Module Vibe Custom Types Vibe Shortcodes WPLMS assignments WPLMS Dashboard WPLMS EventOn WPLMS Frontend
pt_BR 88 83 86 98 94 100 100 52
pl_PL 4 0
nl_NL 66 38
it_IT 37 33 37 100 45
fr_FR 80 49 57 82 77 68 100 47
es_ES 84 53 70 95 79 88 100 52
el_GR 63 37 75 47
de_DE 65 39 46 75 80 49
ar 54 37 45 68 78 48
zh_CN 76 51 62 82 82 87 100 50
tr_TR 23 16 2 0 2 0 6 0
sv_SE 81 49 53 82 82 83 100 49
fa_IR 87 87 84 97 97 98 100 52
sr_RS 60 30
ru_RU 75 50 53 82 77 76 100 49
nb_NO 91
sk_SK 4 53 74 87 94

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  1. khorus

    What about revolution slider ? Do we have to download the plugin ?

  2. duy87

    I cannot see the new version of WPLMS 2.0 file.. I just downloaded from themeforest and its an old file.
    Where do I get the new one?

  3. deadelfujiama

    i try to download update from themeforest now but i see ever

  4. salesforcepak

    where to download the theme package, i have downloaded it from themeforest and its not updated, plugins are updated through wordpress but not the theme , Kindly can anyone guide me how to update the theme, i am using modern theme. thanks

      1. midirae03

        I am still getting old versions when I download from theme forest – i.e.: 1.8.1. Please inform as to where I can download 2.0. I had seen that 2.0 was available, so updated the plugins, but now the theme is not available, and there are serious issues with the site at the moment. I need to be able to update the theme. Thanks!

      2. salesforcepak

        May be its approved and i have downloaded it again but no use its the same. so will wait for themeforest to update. hope so this update will make all happy 🙂

  5. karanna

    Same problem here….plugin updated through wordpress but on CodeCanyon the version available for download is still

  6. TLMS

    I cannot see the new version of WPLMS 2.0 file.. I just downloaded from themeforest and its an old file. – How do i proceed further?

  7. overd0se

    i try to download it as well but i seems like its still v1.9.9 available for download as i could see in the changelogs.

    looking forward for v2.0

  8. jabenalcazar

    Hi, It is not in themeforest yet. I download the the theme but It is still

    Where Can I download?


  9. naginenisridhar

    Its January 23rd , 3:30 PM EST timezone , i downloaded from envato and still shows in the theme files, may i know when it will be available?

    1. Offcourse, you now have an option to use the Revolution slider which seems to be the best slider for wordpress.

  10. duy87

    Unfortunately it is still the version I just downloaded the file from Themeforest and checked.
    I even sorted my themeforest account in downloads section where I have 4 themes I filtered themes by Recent updates and WPLMS is showing as last.
    Thank you

  11. nwcaim

    I have my Envato username and API key entered in the WPLMS options but my WordPress admin updates page is not showing any theme updates, even when I force the check by clicking the check again button.

    Is there something else that needs to be done? I already updated all the plugins to 2.0.

  12. VenCS

    If I buy this theme now, in theme forest, do i get 2.0 or do i get From above comments i see that 2.0 is not yet available. However, theme forest update &fixes log shows 2.0.

      1. VenCS

        Thanks, and one other question – I like the ‘Course Filters’ page that we have in ‘Points System’ Demo. Is it possible to have it in Default/Modern Theme too?

  13. hrehm331

    Can you post a WPLMS 2.0 download zip file under the download links? This will eliminate many problems for the WPLMS community.

    1. The 2.0 update is currently under approval. You’ll get a notification in your email once the update is approved. The update will allow you to update the theme directly from WP Admin – Updates section which is much easier way to update the theme.

  14. vivekanandan

    What is the php version needed in order to use all the features in this updated version?

  15. I can’t download the 2.0 version from themeforest. Further, I created the API to autodownload the update. Yet the update is not showing up.

    1. I know but the update has not been approved yet. You’ll get a notification when the update is reviewed.

  16. I understand there is an offline course possibility in 2.0. Is there possible to print a quiz and a key for give it in the class on paper?

      1. No, I am a teacher and I would like to have printed quizzes. The key is a paper with the correct answers.

  17. magiquestions

    Hi, is the WPLMS Wishlist addon plugin in 2.0?

  18. vasilisgtr

    Hi great news about the new version!
    Please check the documentation folder of the new WPLMS version.
    All folders contain files with the (1) at the end of their titles, eg. style(1).css.
    It seems that someone copied them and there were existing files there.
    As a result the documentation shows only html code, no css no images no js.

    One more thing. Any news about the students blogging plugin 🙂 ?

  19. etomova

    Hi, I just updated the theme to 2.0 however all plugins are still the old ones and wordpress does not show new updates for them. please let me know how to update the plugins because the theme is not working now.

    1. Click on check again (multiple times) link in wp admin – dashboard – updates section and you’ll get the update for the plugins.

  20. hina

    Hi, I just updated the plugins but somehow I can’t update EventON and visual composer to their latest versions. I do understand that these two plugins are third party plugins. Hope you could help me with this ?

  21. coradini

    Hi Mr Vibe

    I Have a version instaled. Is there a manual / tutorial of how a best way for update my theme?

    How Can I proceed?

    1) Download files 2.0 theme
    2) Overwrite theme files at ftp?

  22. Hi, im trying to update theme wplms from wordpress theme option but shows an error unzipping it… please help me if update must be done by specific steps and theme update are not automatic.

  23. DaffRider

    How install modern theme with the same content like your screen capture ?

    I have install WPLMS 2.0 + Modern Theme i have strange layout

    The directory have big images not pretty

    Possible to have the code for WPLMS 2.0 for page design and content for PageBuilder
    Thank you for your amazing work LONG LIFE to WPLMS !!!

      1. DaffRider

        I use Modern Theme 2.0 include with the Last Release from EnvatoMarket workfine but when i use Modern Theme the style of Directory Course is strange , big image and new Layout feature dont work.

        In your posts on betatest board forum you have publish some capture screen with a pretty styling page, how rebuild this demo ?

        Thx you and sorry for my bad english

  24. snjong

    How to get the 2.0 update? why it not show in my WP Admin – Updates section? only the plugin update? and it keep asking me to update my theme to latest version but not provide any link for me to update?

  25. monstergut

    hi – I just bought 2.0 installing on a new WP install. i cannot find wplms.zip. is this the file i need to upload? themeforest-6780226-wplms-learning-management-system-wordpress-theme.zip

    1. Unzip this file themeforest …. .zip and inside the unzipped file you’ll see the wplms.zip file.

  26. foxycleop

    To be completely honest, the new updates messed things up for me more than it was useful. I have reverted my site to the previous version for now….I will give it a shot again in a few month, hopefully it will be better.
    I give up.

    1. Admin

      So far we’ve only found 3 bugs in the update. Remaining all of the reported issues are either with improper update, permalinks or server and browser caching. The notification of WPLMS 2.0 has been there since the very begining.

  27. foxycleop

    Just a feedback and please don’t take it the incorrect way, I think you guys are great developers, I think it would be great if you guys hire an experienced marketer on your team or atleast have a marketing advisor who can advise you on modifying the theme for marketing purposes.

    Right now, the theme is built for teachers and not marketers. In other words, the theme is NOT optimized for anyone who wants to utilize it to make money.

    For someone like me who wants to create marketing funnels, I find it frustrating that most of your attention is geared towards creating a Learning Management System (LMS) and not a marketing machine for the customers (I am sure you are making money selling the theme).

    I think that is a BIG weakness of this theme. Again, this is just a feedback from a customer – and you may very well disagree, just my opinion.

    1. No I do not disagree. We’ve got multiple feedbacks on this, most of the planned updates in 2.x are focussed towards marketing features.

  28. raysim

    Hi, would need help.
    Where do i find modern theme update 2.0?

      1. raysim

        Ok thank you for the quick respond!

        i seems to found a minor issue on the mobile menu.
        i am not able to change the colour of the icon. my header background is white. so on mobile devices, the mobile menu cant be seen..
        able to help?

    1. DaffRider

      unzip your WPLMS Theme from EnvatoMarket
      Open ChildThemes folder, inside you found all Child Themes 😉

  29. vince

    Will there be an update of the translations to German? I could help you out with it.

    Additionally, there are errors on the course page, if a member doesn’t have profile picture.

  30. fxadmin2014

    2.0 has messed up integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

  31. snjong

    Hi Vibe,

    When will the batches and wishlist plugin released?

  32. snjong

    Hi Vibe,

    When will the wishlist and batches plugin released?

  33. TG


    Not sure this is the place to ask this.

    I am asking my client to buy your theme but they are hosting it on WPENGINE. I saw from forum that there is an ongoing issue with this theme n wpengine.


    Can you tell me whether this issue is solved? As I am not a customer yet, we could not see the solution. Is it recommended to host this theme on WPENGINE. As it involves lots of money, we would like to be certain.


    1. Admin

      It is not an issue. You need to follow this tip to enable front end login to work in WP Engine sites.

  34. gan16

    Iam not able to update the theme. I have given all relevant information in the theme settings.

  35. Anas

    I want to know if this theme support Arabic language and if it is possible to build some customization before or after purchase ?

      1. Anas

        Okay, i want to know how much it’ll cost to make the customization, and do you want me to add them here or should we use email !
        maybe they are already in the theme? or maybe be you want to add them in the next version?

    1. Yes it does. Wplms also has Arabic translation files although these are not 100% translated.

    2. Anas

      Okay, i want to know how much it’ll cost to make the customization, and do you want me to add them here or should we use email !
      maybe they are already in the theme? or maybe be you want to add them in the next version?

  36. Tremendous things here. I’m very satisfied to peer your post.
    Thanks a lot and I am having a look ahead to touch you.

    Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

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